Helen & Dave santa clause

Thank you checking out my little corner of the web, I specialise in chocolate wrappers, Personalised Embroidered Cushions and Embroidered Christmas stocking's.


My Chocolate Wrappers are 35mm squares of wonderful milk and plain chocolate,

I buy the chocolate in, in bulk with silver foil on and add the wrappers I have hundred's of different designs availble, and it's not possible to put them all on this site, the most poular design's are the one's where the couple supplies me with their photograph


I produce a huge amount of this type of wrapper, the pic should be of a high quality and if possible in jpeg format, please bear in mindthat I am reducing down your photo to a 35mm square


I advertise on ebay and if you wish to look on there my name is "elaine8636" I have 2 adds on there showing a lot of designs. I f you can't see what you want, please ask, if I have'nt got your design in stock I can usually get it. 



Christmas Stocking are my biggest job I make about 7 different designs all embroidered by myself, they are padded and lined a good quality product that will last quite a few years, again they will be displayed on the site in a few month's time.

If I can help you with any thing else please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone or email

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